About us

WINETRADES is an import and distribution company that specializes in Tomas-shopArgentinean wines.Bringing the best wines that Argentina has to offer to New Zealand.

The focus of Winetrades is on wines from small, Argentinean boutique wineries where the owner is involved in all the aspects of the production and commercialization, treating the wines like family.
We choose our wines carefully, with a process that involves my wife, my customers, my friends and me. Our customers and I focus more on the technical aspects of the wine, while my wife, sales reps and friends give us valuable feedback on the qualities of the wines from a “customer perspective”.

Because of this organic quality assurance process, we don’t buy or sell wines that we wouldn’t drink ourselves. All our wines offer superb quality at incredible prices.

Yours truly,

Tomas Tonnelier, “The Malbec Man” Ph: 09-3570037
Commercial Director -Winetrades Mob: 02102301231