Albertina Malbec

Malbec: The Black Wine

“A great Malbec should impress through its attractive and deep purple color, its intense black fruit aromas with a hint of oak, and its sweet mouthfeel, soft as the bottom of a newborn baby” Robert Mondavitwitterbg

Beginnings of Argentine Winemaking

The history of Argentine winemaking is a history of immigrants and the rich traditions they brought to the New World. The story begins in Spanish colonial times, when Catholic priests who immigrated to the area with the conquistadores to convert the local indians planted grapes to make sacramental wine.

It is thought that the INCAS arrived in what is today Mendoza in the 15th Century and helped the local Huarpe indians to develop an irrigation system using the Andean snowmelt that flowed through the local rivers. Part of that system is still used today.Bodega-Septima